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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
01:22 a.m.


Mystery Guy (1:10:09 AM): i mean, there's only 318 people on right now, so they've gotta be sending out more invites
Me (1:10:48 AM): that's what they want you to think.
Mystery Guy (1:11:11 AM): well, perhaps
Mystery Guy (1:11:16 AM)
: but i dunno why they'd do that
Mystery Guy (1:11:20 AM): it's just mean
Me (1:11:34 AM): that's why.
Me (1:11:39 AM): because they are jerks.
Mystery Guy (1:11:42 AM): now now
Mystery Guy (1:11:46 AM): brad wouldn't do such a thing
Mystery Guy (1:11:50 AM): he happens to be my close personal friend
Mystery Guy (1:11:55 AM): which you can tell, becuase i call him brad
Me (1:12:02 AM): [mystery guy], for the last time: you do not know that guy.
Mystery Guy (1:12:06 AM): i'll show you the letter he sent me
Mystery Guy (1:12:13 AM): it's very personal
Mystery Guy (1:12:22 AM): it even talks about respecting his personal space
Mystery Guy (1:12:36 AM): he even says if i keep it up we might get a restraining order together
Mystery Guy (1:12:43 AM): i think that might be newspeak for gay married
Mystery Guy (1:12:45 AM)
: i'm not sure

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Saturday, June 24, 2006
03:02 p.m.

help me find these books!

for the longest time I have been looking for a few books I read sometime between the years of 1998 and 2000. I had gotten them from the library, enjoyed them, and then returned them without thinking to write them down somewhere. now, many years later, I would like to read them again and am unable to find them. here are my very unhelpful descriptions:

1. a book about faeries in San Francisco. now, I know what you are thinking, but I mean real faeries. like, the fantasy kind. if it helps, I think some or all of the characters in the book who are people may enjoy punk music.

2. a book of short "scary" stories. there is a story about a kid getting out of a deal with the devil somehow, it might involve a red pen. it also might have stories that has something to do with wolves, a rescue team and a dead baby, and something about an egyptian exhibit at a museum. or those may be in a different book of short stories.

3. a book that takes place in a world where every adult has disappeared. some sort of weird electronic pulse made them vanish. it also caused some people to have weird coloration, like the kid who is the main character, who has gold eyes. I thought that had something to do with the title of the book, something like "golden eyes" or something, but I can't seem to find anything.

4. a book about a girl who is living with her dad and stepmother. her real mother is dead, I think. they go to stay somewhere like wales or ireland or scotland. there is a ring where faeries come, maybe a stone ring, in the woods. there might be something having to do with her mother, I don't really remember.

5. a book about two kids, a boy and a girl, who may or may not be related. there are weird creatures living underground near them. they collect parts of people to replace their own, I think. for a reason I can't remember, the boy and girl end up going to their underground civilization. I don't remember everything that happens then, but I know the book ends with the boy giving up his eye or arm to them.

there. I know they are sometimes very vague, but those are the books I am looking for. I am going to post this on every blog and bulletin thingy I have access to, so don't be shocked to see it more than once.

thanks ahead of time for all your help. {]: )

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Sunday, March 26, 2006
01:01 p.m.

grr, angry.

when I came on the internet this morning, I couldn't help but notice an article about a ridiculously huge march in los angeles the other day. you know, the one where 500,00 protesters demanded that "Congress abandon attempts to make illegal immigration a felony and to build more walls along the border."

I cannot help but be absolutely outraged by this article. so outraged, in fact, that I wrote this entire blog enter only minutes after waking up. I haven't even had my tea yet. I mean seriously. in a related march that took place in charlotte, people were hold signs that said things like "Am I Not A Human Being?" and such. now did anyone say that you are not a human being? no. they said that if you want to be a part of our country you should come here legally, learn to speak the language, and become a citizen just like every other nationality that has come to live in this country in the past.

rapper Jorge Ruiz, whoever the hell that is, said "Blacks and whites, they had their revolution. They had their Martin Luther King. Now it is time for us." err, tell me how this is at all similar to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. that was people who were already citizens trying get the rights they were guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. this, on the other hand, is people who are refuse to follow the rules of our country trying to get special treatment. I just do not see the similitude. in fact, let me give you the definition of civil rights: The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship, especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination. hmm, imagine that. you have to be a citizen. now I could understand if people who were already legal citizens were being denied their rights, but as far as I can tell that is not the situation at all. so let's not hear that comparison again.

so to sum things up: if you want your rights as a citizen in this country, become a citizen legally. if you don't want to bother with that and would rather just sneak in here all illegal like and try to take advantage of all this country has to offer while complaining about how unfairly you are treated, all the while loudly telling everyone how much greater ::insert country of origin here:: is, go the heck back to ::insert country of origin here::.

disclaimer: I do not want anyone reading this thinking "wow, what a dirty racist." this is not the case. I just feel, as I said, that if you want to live in a country and receive the benefits, you should follow the rules set up by that country. that is all. so no matter who you are or where you are from, if you came to this country, learned our language, and became a citizen, I welcome you with open arms.

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Monday, March 13, 2006
10:15 a.m.

nohari window

oh look! a new little thingy for you to fill out about me. this one lists my failings. it should be interesting. anyway, go do it: empresskyrav's nohari window.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006
01:20 p.m.

johari window

just a quick entry - go here and tellme what you think of me, please. I am putting this up everywhere, so if you've already done so, just disregard this.

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Monday, January 23, 2006
01:17 p.m.

30 or 40

I watched a show on animal planet last night. it was about the t-rex in hollywood. you know, dinosaur movies. apparently it had been 101 years since the first t-rex was found. it was a really cute program, I liked it alot. I had one complaint, however. you see, through out the program, they showed the t-rex as though he was alive and playing in the movies for real. and it had him looking the way he did in whatever movies were out at that time. for example, for a time he looked like those really old claymation dinosaurs out of the old movies. but in the begining, he looked like a skeleton. only he had three fingers. three!

if you do not understand my outrage, let me explain. t-rex only has two fingers. not three. the allosaurus has three fingers, the t-rex has two.

beyond that, I really enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
12:53 p.m.

farewell to oreo

it's simple in writing, to the outside observer. we left the house with a dog, and we came back without one.

I think it may have helped us a little in the long run, her getting gradually sicker rather than leaving us suddenly. at least we have experienced dinners without her barking for scraps and homecomings without her meeting us at the door, tail wagging. but still it will be different, I imagine.

I feel lost in the house. it is as if her belongings were landmarks that told me where to go and how to do things and when to do them. now I don't know. I walk around the house not having to step around her food dish or over her bed and it seems like I am somewhere I don't know, somewhere foreign. it looks like my house, but not quite. something is off, something is missing.

it was strange and horribly painfully to watch the life leave her, to watch her chest stop moving. it was watching this loving, warm being turn from My Dog into a mass of skin and bone and fur that was not even remotely similar to My Dog. it was a still and dull thing that couldn't possibly be related to the animal who had blew bubbles in her water dish to get a kernel of corn out or had hidden in my room during thunderstorms.

it is hard and it hurts, but I don't think the real enormity of what happened has really set in yet. I am still wrapped too tightly in the sadness, I am still too aware of the fact that she is not here. it will happen once I have let my guard down a little, once I have stopped pointedly searching for the differences. I will think I see her out of the corner of my eye, or that I heard her collar jingling. I will turn to see her, and only then will I remember that she is gone. that I will never hear that jingle, or see her prance into the room to see what we are eating, ever again. I got a small taste of this last night, right after we had gotten home. I was in my bed and I thought I heard her bark to come in. I moved to get up and go to her before I could even realize that I could not possibly have heard her, that she had gone from us only a few terrible minutes before. perhaps she was saying good bye. that's what I am telling myself, even though I realize it was probably just my imagination or the dog down the street. just now as I type this, I thought I heard her again. maybe it really was her.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
11:47 p.m.

house day

today it has been 4 years since we moved into this house. I simultaneously cannot believe it has been that long and that it has not been longer. it seems like just yesterday, but it also feels like I have never lived anywhere else.

I moved here in senior year, so that must mean it will soon be 4 years since I graduated. that feels like an entire lifetime ago, but the number seems so big... I dunno if that makes any sense. I just don't feel like someone who has been out of high school for 4 years. it is very weird.

I also cannot believe it is almost the "holiday season". I am excited and hopeful. I have not been in the holiday spirit since, well, our first Christmas at this house actually. I dunno. it seems like getting out of school made Christmas lose some of its magic. there are no little holiday parties to look forward to, no Christmas vacation, and no holiday dances (even though I hardly ever enjoyed a dance, I did love having a reason to get dressed up). there was just an all-around sense of building excitement at school that people who are no longer in school really miss out on. but maybe that's just me. who knows. all I know is that I am really going to try this year. try and recreate that good feeling. try and do some of the things I used to do when I was younger. try and just be happy and enjoy the season, rather than thinking about all the things that make me sad about it. perhaps, if I am feeling productive, I will record my successes and failures and overall feelings throughout the process. but I wouldn't get too excited about that. not that my thoughts and feelings are something to get excited about in the first place. {]: )

one thing that may very well make this holiday season more difficult is my dog. I am mostly certain that she will not be sticking with us through Christmas. I will be moderately surprised if she makes it through thanksgiving. she is not doing well at all, and that is very sad. it will be a challenge, that is for sure. the loss of my cat, virgo, made Christmas difficult for me for many years, though I am much better about it now. but this will be much harder to deal with due to the fact that a) her death will most likely be much closer to Christmas and b) the entire family will be upset about her absence during our festivities, not just me. so we shall just have to see how things go.

anyway, that's all. I didn't even intend for this entry to go on this long, I only wanted to mention that it was house day. oops.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005
01:49 a.m.

the most ridiculous thing ever

steve sent me the article linked in the title, and I just could help posting this conversation.  especially since my sister and I had just been talking about it earlier.  for those of you who do not hang out with me on a regular basis, this conversation between sacmaster steve and I has become rather famous.  and a running joke of sorts.  a very infuriating one.  anyway, here it is:


Steve (4:37:41 AM): how very interesting - warning, titties. hhee

Me (4:38:22 AM): hmm, that's not a bad idea.

Me (4:38:42 AM): very clever.

Steve (4:38:56 AM): clever?

Steve (4:39:15 AM): rofl

Me (4:39:15 AM): that's what I said, isn't it?

Steve (4:39:23 AM): yes. i was looking for more clarification

Me (4:39:42 AM): lol

Me (4:39:46 AM): too bad for you, then.

Me (4:39:50 AM): I have no clarification.

Steve (4:40:08 AM): why do you do these sorts of things to me?

Me (4:41:20 AM): what? I just think it is clever.

Me (4:41:24 AM): what more do you want?

Steve (4:41:32 AM): clever how?

Me (4:41:35 AM): you are the one who does not make sense.

Steve (4:41:50 AM): like, an ingenious way to solve a problem is clever

Me (4:41:54 AM): it just is!

Steve (4:41:59 AM): if it was social commentary, that would be clever

Steve (4:42:14 AM): that's just a chick in milk with strawberries. i don't understand the cleverness

Steve (4:42:50 AM): i'm not trying to be a dick, i'm genuinely curious

Me (4:43:07 AM): well I have no answer for you.

Me (4:43:14 AM): I just think it is clever.

Steve (4:43:31 AM):


1. Mentally quick and original; bright.

2. Nimble with the hands or body; dexterous.

3. Exhibiting quick-wittedness: a clever story.

4. New England. Easily managed; docile: Oxen must be pretty clever to be bossed around the way they are (Dialect Notes).

5. New England. Affable but not especially smart.

6. Chiefly Southern U.S. Good-natured; amiable. See Regional Note at ugly.


Steve (4:43:43 AM): syn: shrewd

Me (4:44:20 AM): I'll go with 2. Nimble with the hands or body; dexterous.

Me (4:44:31 AM): and I am never going to comment on anything you send me ever again.

Steve (4:44:37 AM): CLEVER Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Validation of Epidemiologic Research

Steve (4:44:43 AM): i don't see how that applies

Steve (4:44:51 AM): please don't get angry. i'm just curious

Me (4:44:52 AM): it doesn't.

Steve (4:44:57 AM): your was of thinking sometimes blow my mind

Me (4:44:57 AM): that's why I picked it.

Steve (4:45:12 AM): *blows

Steve (4:46:44 AM): /sigh

Steve (4:46:45 AM): sorry

Me (4:56:59 AM): right. well. I'm go try and sleep some more.

Steve (4:57:55 AM): night then

Me (4:58:12 AM): goooood night.

I know this seems like nothing, but I was absolutely livid by the time I stopped talking to him. and from what I understand, he was too. aren't people silly?

still makes me angry to think about, though.

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Sunday, October 9, 2005
06:40 p.m.

happy birthday kylie

happy birthday to my sister, who is 17 today. boy does that make me feel old.

fear not, dear sister. lunch at the ren faire is on me.

{]: )

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Friday, August 12, 2005
02:50 p.m.


most people who read this already know, but yesterday my cousin came over. this is a big deal cuz we used to be really really close and then for many years did not associate with each other.

anyway, it was really cool. she was here for, like, the whole day. this is the first time I hung out that long with anyone since... well since a long time. guys, you'll be proud of me, I showed her WoW.

now in the past, whenever devon and I were left alone for any extended amount of time, we always came up with the Greatest Ideas Ever. this time was no different. we came up with a brilliant business venture, but I'm not going to post it here on the internet for everyone to see and snatch up. cuz it is that good, that everyone would want to steal it.

so yeah, it was a good day.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
10:53 p.m.

two in one day

this is just a quick one, but I was really too disturbed by this video to not say something.

now don't get me wrong, I am not going to turn into some crazy vegan hippie peta person, but I certainly won't be wearing any fur, no matter how cool it looks, unless I can be assured that the skining was done after the animal was dead.

seriously, would it kill (for lack of a better word) them to take the extra couple hand motions to make sure the animal was dead first? is there some sort of fur benefit to having the animal kicking and wiggling while it is being removed? people like this will be skinned alive themselves when I take over. if they are lucky.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
10:18 a.m.

the patamon, it destroys me.

I am very angry. my mp3 player has apparently kicked the bucket. the tech support email guys got back to me this morning and said that "The problem [I] described indicates [my] unit may require repair or replacement."

hehe, unit.

but there's a $40 fee just to send it in, let alone actual repair costs. which means that won'tbe happening at least til I find a job. probably will end up costing more to repair it than it would to just buy a new one. what a waste of money. raaaaargh!

as soon as I can find a proper screwdriver I intend to dismantle the device, see it maybe there's something lodged in there that I can remove and it will magically resume playing my music. so much time I spent putting those musics in there. so much time...

it's just my luck, ya know?

also, I am aware my little beadicons are not showing up right. I don't care. I like them anyway. so there.

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Monday, July 25, 2005
01:14 a.m.

hello, rusty.

oh look. blatant misuse of guild website storage space!

hey, I paid for half of it, I think I am entitled to some emoticons.

something news-worthy has happened, however. the first person ever was struck from my List on thursday night. that's right, sean, who called me ugly in 4th grade has apologized and says his opinions of my physical appearance have changed since that day some 11 years ago. now, all I have to do is track down everyone else who has wronged me in my 21 years, and my List will be eliminated. but I don't see that happening any time soon. some of you may want to argue that steve was the first person to come off the List, but this is not the case. you see, he was never really on the List, he was on the list of people I wanted to make do terrible menial labor for the rest of eternity. that is something all together different.

so yeah, there you have it.

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Monday, July 18, 2005
05:38 p.m.

why is it shooting at me?

so then. I finally made a guestbook for my blog. this was the only advantage I could see to xanga over pitas, and now I have fixed it. so there. do I expect many comments? no. but it is nice to have it there just in case.

in other news, it is shark week on discovery. this is my favorite tv week all year.

also, I want to go to the beach.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005
04:24 a.m.

forbidden beat

so then.

tuesday was not the best day ever.

it ws my aunt and uncle's last day living here in PA. it was weird, seeing the house empty. most friday nights of my childhood were spent there, at that house, as well as almost every Christmas and many summer holidays. I never imagined that ther would be a time when we wuld not be going there, and yet here we are. every female there except me was crying. I felt nothing, really. it happens sometimes. it is a weird feeling, really. I was going thru things in my mind, such as "this is the last time I will go down these stairs", but I was not sad. it was more of a numb, really. I had always seen myself bringing my kids there for Christmas or watching them run around in the yard as my sister and I did on so many warm summer evenings. but now I never will. and that is something I find hard to fathom. I think it will probably set in more at Christmas. my sister was having a terrible time of it. she and this aunt have always been particularly close, and also they were supposed to give her their cat when this move happened. but their cat died a few months ago, so that never got to happen. also, I believe she is buried somewhere in the yard. I know how that is. leaving virgo's grave was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

on top of this, is my dog. she's been slightly off for a little while now, peeing on the floor and other small things like that. but since the fireworks, she had been refusing to do mostly everything. eat, walk, drink, go outside, that sort of thing. so we took her to the vet thinking she was depressed. turns out she has some sort of serious liver condition. either hepatitis or liver cancer. the hepatitis is treatable, the cancer is not. she is on the hepatitis medication now. I assume when said medication is gone, they will retest her. if the test is better, it was hepititis. if not, it is the cancer. I am not hopeful. from my research, she has almost none of the hepititis symptoms and very many of the liver cancer ones. this is something I am not feeling at all numb about. I suprise myself, really. I keep getting teary-eyed about her for almost no reason. a few times, I have had to go to the bathroom so no-one would see me full-on crying. I have to wonder why I do this to myself, why anyone does this. have pets, I mean. you get all attatched to them, and then they die. they love you like no-one else, and then they die. all the times I said I wanted the dog to die so I could have a kitten? all the times I said I'd let her loose so I could have a kitten? all those times I said I'd probably willingly kill her if I could have a kitten? I didn't mean any of them. I revoke them. I feel so guilty now for saying all those things. I didn't mean them, do you hear me?

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
06:48 a.m.

I am apparently just as crazy as I thought

this is one of those times that the link relates to the entry. go there and see if you are also crazy.


-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
11:38 a.m.

forever and a day

this is the earliest I've been up in weeks. well, except for yesterday, sorta.

I have been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately, so I go to bed around 7:30 am on monday. around 8:30, a mere hour after I had gotten to sleep, the people at the house next door starts jackhammering. yes, you read correctly - jackhammering. at 8:30 am. now keep in mind, for those of you who have never been to my house, that this house is about six feet away from my bedroom window. and that's including the cement porch, which is what they happened to be jackhammering. so that's how it was. a jackhammer suddenly starts up four feet from my open bedroom window an hour after I go to sleep.

let me tell you something, I have never been jarred out of sleep quite like that before in my lfe. I hope that I never am again. I'm pretty sure I almost had a heart attack. I bet the guy jackhammering had earplugs. and he was expecting the noise... to add insult to injury, I heard the boyfriend (we think) of the girl who lives there say to the jackhammering guy (who was from some pest control company. for termites, my dad says) "well, I guess everyone's awake now." I was sooooo close to just jumping right out the window and going for his neck. but instead I just tried to insert my stuffed cat's tail into my ear and attempted to go back to sleep. I could have closed the window, but then the nice air that was blowing would have been put to an abrupt stop. also, I have already declared a sort of unspoken war with these new people ever since they had their porch light on a little late for my liking. and to close the window would have been a point that they had won, in my mind. so open it stayed.

so at 1:00 I went with my dad to pick up my (c)uncle and his new wife at the philadelphia airport. they were just arriving home from their honeymoon, you see. the plane was supposed to get in at 4, so I dunno why in the world we left so early in the first place. but needless to say, there were terrible thunderstorms in miami and their plane was delayed for an hour and a half. but there we were, at the airport at 2:30 with 3 hours to kill. I have never walked so much in my entire life. we toured every single terminal in that place, upstairs and down. we watched lots of planes land, which was cool. and there was an adorable little bird who must have flown in from the outside who was completely now afraid of us and was eating a bit of pretzel off the floor right next to my foot. I finally got to ride on one of those vertical escalator things. you know, the conveyer belt for people? yeah, those. and we ate in a place overlooking the runway, and we managed to snag a window seat. all in all, I had a great time. it was like a mini vacation, a day trip. it beat sitting at home and sleeping all day, that's for sure. there was a bit of a mix-up with all the luggage from their plane, so we didn't actually end up getting out of there til about 7:15. it was a long day.

on the subject of the airport, though, I would like to know if anyone knows where I would write to in order to complain about something I saw during my stay at the philadelphia airport. see, while we were waiting, we sat for a little while near the baggage claim. there were two unclaimed bags, which is supposed to be a little suspicious in the first place, right? well an attendant comes and removes these bag, tossing them onto a cart. and what are these bags covered in? white powder. yes, that's right. white powder. did anyone care? no. so later, when we are actually claiming luggage, we note that there is what appears to be an entire bag's worth of flour all over the darn thing. and no-one even cares. if this had been two or three years ago, that entire place would have been on lock-down, all planes grounded, the works. but since all has been quiet, no-one really cares about security anymore. and my dad was worried about the knives in my purse...

honestly. if I had been a passenger on that plane and I had gone to pick up my luggage and found it covered in white powder, I would have been a little alarmed. and I think it is terrible that this is just okay now. but I dunno who I should tell about it, in terms of seeing something done. I suppose the newspaper would be an interesting choice. I dunno, we'll see.

anyway, there ya go. two rants in one. it's a red-letter day.

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Thursday, June 9, 2005
01:37 a.m.

you don't really care for music, do you?

tomorrow is the last day of school for my sister. the seniors graduated tonight, seniors like my sister's ex-boyfriend. he's a nice kid, we (with the exception of my sister) still talk to him. this prompted me to get out my senior box, the box where I keep everything associated with senior year. you know, all my old notebooks and sketchpads, pass books, party invites, graduation announcements, newspaper clippings. all that good stuff. it made me feel nostalgic, but not depressed. I was surprised, but it was a nice change. it was more interesting to me to look at all the little notes I had scribbled on the sides of my papers and stuff about all the things I was worried about and such. it's funny how things that mattered so much didn't really matter at all, and things I was so afraid of turned out just fine. for he most part, everything is much better than I had expected three years ago (yeah, it's been three years. three years and four days, actually). it's not good in a way I would have expected at the time, but good none-the-less.

what is sad to me, however, are the away messages of all those people I was pretty good acquaintances with in high school. for now they are all home for the summer and hanging out together. I see messages like "out for coffee with ________." or "watching a movie with _______, _______, and _________." it is not fair. I should be out gallivanting around with an old friend from high school who should be home for the summer. but noooooo, she is instead out traipsing about in the wilds of western pennsylvania. it does not help that my sister suddenly has a thriving social life now that she is allowed to ride in a car with her friend driving. it's funny, I never heard of this friend until she got her license and a car... but I digress. the fact is that I am jealous. I want to go out and do things with a friend. it's a shame, the guys just aren't very good at gallivanting. it's times like this a female friend who doesn't live across state would be nice. I mean, sure, there's kylie, but I can't expect her to sit around waiting to entertain me. also, she has no money. that makes gallivanting with her very expensive for me. because to me she is always 9 years old, and it is just not nice to make a little 9 year old pay for her own lunch when she looks at you with her pitiful little trout face.

**just a reminder, my links of the day don't have anything to do with the post unless otherwise stated.**

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Friday, May 20, 2005
02:18 p.m.

oh em gee! t3h entry!

yes, yes, it has been forever since I last updated. months and months. half a year at least. what can I say, I am a bum.

hopefully the updates will be more frequent now. yeah, I know I've said that before, but I am turning over a new leaf. that's kinda why I finally updated. I feel different as of late and I'd like to try and keep a better log of it. ever since I got that good job and then quit it, my outlook on life has been changing a bit. I'm in a better mood now than I have been in months. also, it has made me appreciate my free time, which I am now using to do things such as level in WoW and update this page.

I dunno, maybe this will be short lived like all my other life changes. but I hope not, I really like this one.

{]: )

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Friday, May 20, 2005
02:15 p.m.


testing, testing. does the new layout work?

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